KetoCal 4:1® LQ Vanilla

Looking for a ready-to-feed, ketogenic formula made for children over 1 year of age and adults: that’s KetoCal 4:1® LQ. It provides complete nutrition for patients with intractable epilepsy and other epilepsy-related conditions.

Ask your Healthcare Professional if KetoCal® is Right for You or Your Child

KetoCal 4:®1 LQ vanilla is a ketogenic formula with a 4:1 ratio (fat: carbohydrate + protein). It is intended for individuals over the age of 1 year.

KetoCal is indicated for the dietary management of intractable epilepsy and epilepsy-related conditions in which a medical ketogenic diet is recommended. These include super refractory status epilepticus (SRSE), Dravet syndrome, glucose transporter type 1 deficiency syndrome (Glut1), and pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency (PDH).

KetoCal 4:1® LQ must be approved by your or your child’s doctor or healthcare professional. Do not make adjustments to your child’s diet before consulting with a healthcare professional.

Good to Know

  • 4:1 ketogenic ratio
  • Vanilla and unflavoured
  • Ready-to-feed: open and drink, or pour into a feeding tube.
  • Contains DHA and ARA
  • Multi-fibre blend
  • Casein and whey protein blend
  • Nutritionally complete
  • (H2) Nutritional Profile
Product Code Product Packaging Calories Per Can
101777 6 x 300 g (11 oz) 2115
Per 100g
Energy, kcal (kJ) 150 (620)
Protein, g 3.09
Carbohydrate, g 1.73
Dietary Fibre, g 1.12
Soluble, g 0.56
Insoluble, g 0.56
Fat g 14.8
Saturated, g 2.2
Trans, g 0
Monounsaturated, g 8.3
Polyunsaturated, g 3.7
Arachidonic Acid, mg 55
Docosahexaenoic Acid, mg 55
Vitamin A, IU (mcg RE) 264 (79.2)
Vitamin D3, IU (mcg) 92 (2.3)
Vitamin E, IU (mg α-TE) 2.3 (1.5)
Vitamin K, mg 0.0056
Thiamine, mg 0.15
Riboflavin, mg 0.15
Vitamin B6, mg 0.15
Vitamin B12, mg 0.00017
Niacin, mg 1.5
Folic Acid, mg 0.0287
Pantothenic Acid, mg 0.62
Biotin, mg 0.0041
Vitamin C, mg 9.3
Choline, mg 51.5
Inositol, mg 4.1
Calcium, mg 88.4
Phosphorus, mg 88.4
Magnesium, mg 22.7
Iron, mg 1.5
Zinc, mg 1.2
Manganese, mg 0.18
Copper, mg 0.12
Iodine, mg 0.0185
Molybdenum, mg 0.0062
Chromium, mg 0.0032
Selenium, mg 0.0071
Sodium, mg 103
Potassium, mg 165
Chloride, mg 155
Carnitine, mg 8.3
Taurine, mg 6.3
By Drink Box (237 mL)
Energy, kcal (kJ) 356 (1469)
Protein, g 7.32
Carbohydrate, g 4.1
Dietary Fibre, g 2.65
Soluble, g 1.33
Insoluble, g 1.33
Fat g 35.1
Saturated, g 5.2
trans, g 0
Monounsaturated, g 19.7
Polyunsaturated, g 8.8
Arachidonic Acid, mg 131
Docosahexaenoic Acid, mg 131
Vitamin A, IU (mcg RE) 626 (188)
Vitamin D3, IU (mcg) 220 (5.5)
Vitamin E, IU (mg α-TE) 5.5 (3.6)
Vitamin K, mg 0.0132
Thiamine, mg 0.36
Riboflavin, mg 0.36
Vitamin B6, mg 0.36
Vitamin B12, mg 0.0004
Niacin, mg 3.6
Folic Acid, mg 0.068
Pantothenic Acid, mg 1.5
Biotin, mg 0.0097
Vitamin C, mg 22.0
Choline, mg 122
Inositol, mg 9.7
Calcium, mg 210
Phosphorus, mg 210
Magnesium, mg 53.8
Iron, mg 3.6
Zinc, mg 2.8
Manganese, mg 0.427
Copper, mg 0.284
Iodine, mg 0.0438
Molybdenum, mg 0.0147
Chromium, mg 0.0076
Selenium, mg 0.0168
Sodium, mg 244
Potassium, mg 391
Chloride, mg 367
Carnitine, mg 19.7
Taurine, mg 14.9

Water, Refined Vegetable Oil (High Oleic Sunflower, Soy, Palm), Sodium Caseinate (Milk), Whey Protein Concentrate (Milk), Soy Fibre, Corn Starch, Chicory Root Inulin, Citric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides, Dipotassium Phosphate, Gum Arabic, Calcium Chloride, Mortierella Alpina Oil*, Magnesium Acetate, Potassium Chloride, Crypthecodinium Cohnii Oil**, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Phosphate Monobasic, Mono- and Diglycerides, Trisodium Citrate, Sodium Hydroxide, Choline Chloride, L-Cystine, Calcium Phosphate Dibasic, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Ferrous Lactate, L-Carnitine, Taurine, Inositol, L-Tryptophan, Zinc Sulfate, DL-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Soy Lecithin, Niacinamide, Calcium D-Pantothenate, Manganese Sulfate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Cupric Sulfate, Thiamine Chloride Hydrochloride, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Riboflavin, Vitamin A Acetate, Mixed Tocopherols, DL-Alpha Tocopherol, Folic Acid, Potassium Iodide, Chromium Chloride, Sodium Selenite, Sodium Molybdate, Phylloquinone, Biotin, Cholecalciferol, Cyanocobalamin.
Contains: Milk, Soy. Vanilla flavoured version contains Sugar, Artificial flavour (vanilla), and sucralose: 43 mg/237 mL.

Please see individual product labels for exact order of ingredients

*A source of Arachidonic Acid (ARA)
**A source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Your healthcare professional will determine the right amount of KetoCal to consume based on age, weight, energy needs and medical condition.


  1. Shake the carton vigorously for about 5 seconds before opening.
  2. For oral feeding, best served chilled and consumed immediately.
  3. For tube feeding: Nutricia recommends formula can be safely kept at room temperature for up to 4 hours, at which time unused formula should be discarded. It is recommended that the tube is flushed with lukewarm water (approximately 37°C or 98°F) between each feed.
  4. Do not boil or microwave formula. Do not freeze.


Always store KetoCal 4:1® LQ in a cool and dry location, away from direct sunlight.
Recommended storage between 4°C-25°C (39°F-77°F).
Once opened, use the formula immediately or store in the refrigerator and use within 24 hours. Immediately before feeding, shake or stir.

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KetoCal is indicated for the dietary management of refractory epilepsy and is intended for use under medical supervision. Talk to your healthcare provider to determine if KetoCal is right for you.

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