How to diagnose Multiple Food Allergies (MFA) ?

Though diagnosing Multiple Food Allergies (MFA) is hard due to similarities with other conditions, here are some ways to test for them.

1. Trial Food Elimination
After a careful medical history and assessment by the doctor, possible allergens are removed from the diet. The patient is observed to see if this helps to manage symptoms. Regarding babies, breastfeeding mothers may be asked by their doctor to eliminate specific foods from their diet under medical supervision to see if symptoms change.

2. Oral Food Challenge
A small amount of the suspected food allergen is fed to the patient in a safe and controlled environment usually in the doctor’s office. A food challenge can be open (if the parent or the patient know what the food is) or blinded if they don’t know if it’s a safe food or suspected allergen

3. Skin Prick Test
Skin Prick test might be used to help the doctor diagnose food allergies. The skin is lightly pricked with a needle, and a small amount of a possible allergen is introduced under the skin. This allows for the allergen to be in close contact with the immune system.

4. Blood Tests
Some doctors prefer to diagnose a food allergy with the help of a blood test to see how the immune system reacts to specific foods

Patients with MFA have cow milk allergy and one or more foods that cause an allergic reaction. Almost 500,000 Canadian children have food allergies, according to Food Allergy Canada.

Our Products for Multiple Food Allergy

Neocate® is a family of hypoallergenic, amino acid-based specialized formulas for use under medical supervision and is indicated for cow milk allergy, multiple food allergies and related GI and allergic conditions. Talk to your healthcare provider about product recommendations.
Neocate Nutra is suitable for use in children and infants older than 6 months of age (not suitable as sole source of nutrition). Neocate Nutra is not intended for bottle or tube feeding.


I was so thankful for sticking with the Neocate. He was drinking more than ever, was happy as could be and all the blood in the stool had Improved! He is now about to turn one and continues to do so great!*

Ryder**’s story

*Individual results may vary.
**A patient’s story from the US
**Ryder’s Mom is an employee at Nutricia North America

Reagan was always fussy when she ate, however the doctors brushed it off because she was still gaining weight. She would cry throughout the day and up to 6 hours every evening. I was desperate! Within a few days of using Neocate, her colic improved. I was finally able to enjoy her and bond with her and regained my confidence.*

Reagan**’s Story

*Individual results may vary.
**A patient’s story from the US
**Reagan’s Mom is an employee at Nutricia North America

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