KetoCal® gives you a helping hand

  • The ketogenic diet is unique in that it needs to respect a ratio of fat to protein and carbohydrates. The two most common ketogenic ratios are 4:1 and 3:1.
  • The recipes are filtered in the drop-down menus by category: Ketogenic ratio, KetoCal® product, Meal type, Preparation time. This allows you to quickly find the recipe you want to prepare.
  • Our keto recipes have been developed to simplify your life. Each one is explained step-by-step with you, the Keto-chef, in mind. We added a skill-rating system so you’ll know the level of difficulty of each recipe at a glance.

A few hints and tips to simplify keto cooking

Tip 1: Have the right utensils.

  • Scales, an essential tool for weighing ingredients.
  • Many small dishes for weighing small amounts (remember, they are recipes for just 1 person).
  • Small silicone spatulas to scrape all the food out.
  • Mini whisks, adapted to smaller portions.
  • Silicone bakeware to help keep the fat in the food.


Tip 2: The right process and technique matters.

  • Weigh all ingredients before preparing your recipe.
  • After weighing a dry ingredient, you may “zero” the scales to carefully add another dry ingredient to the same container. Weigh the largest volume ingredient last.
  • KetoCal® recipes may cook or bake faster than regular recipes. Adjust baking times as necessary.
  • Using silicone bakeware will keep the fat from separating from the food. Do not use paper liners as they will absorb the fat.
  • Fully scrape containers with silicone spatulas to ensure you have all food or fat portions from the small bowls or containers.


Tip 3: Presentation is key!
Tips for serving : With a little effort, your keto meal can look tasty! For kids, present the food as a princess or super-hero diet with decorated plates and cutlery.

If you wish to print out or keep all our recipes on a tablet, you can download the full booklet from our Keto Diet Resources page.

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